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"...the most beautiful thing in the world..."
          -from Loveholic

When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting"


Welcome to the guild website of Loveholic! Hailing from the West Vindictus server, we are now recruiting!
One of our goals is to become the best known guild out there with an appetite for socializing and partying day and night! We are very friendly towards our companions and you would have no trouble fitting in!
There are almost no requirement to join except to be active and social!

If you are a guild member already or interested on becoming one, please make an account and join our guild website. Thank you! For members, if you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask! We'll do our best to help you! :)

Our website will be used to coordinate events as well as helpful guides for things. It is updated frequently so drop by from time to time!
-see you in the game~!
Guild News


Insanetheif, Jan 25, 11 12:53 AM.
Hey guys!
We have Migrated to
so remember to register there!

IRL pics Anyone?

Insanetheif, Jan 7, 11 3:02 PM.
Don't be shy and show us how you look irl! 
Indeed, we sometimes become curious of the people we play! For example, the guild we play with!
If your interested, post up your pics and we will too!
Why do we do it? We don't know, but its pure entertainment for all of us! 
So whats stopping you from posting up yours?
For more information, check out the General Discussion at the Forums!

second part continueing because space ran out xD
See you in the game!

Vindictus Events!

Yolkin, Jan 6, 11 5:15 AM.
Nexon is giving away FREE items in it's supply Depot!
Everyday after 12:00AM PST

Check the supply depot for your free item, for those of you who don't know what/where it is, on the very bottom of the screen to the right, it's the 4th selection.  (Friends Guild Chat Depot Avatar) All you have to do is pick the FREE item and select BUY. It doesn't matter wither you select NX credit or not, it's free!

1/5/11 - 10 Merc Potions
1/6/11 - 5 Platinum Tokens
1/7/11 - 1/??/11 - Random (tell us what you get!)
1/8/11 - 1 Tieve's Surprise Box 
1/9/11 - 1 Tieve's Surprise Box 
1/10/11 - Fishing Rods
1/11/11 - 30 Snow Balls
1/12/11 - ????

Tieves DELICIOUS Bread
  Every day at 5pm-7pm PST

Go talk to Tieve at the inn for your free bread! Collect 5 for 25 Merc Potions, or save up and collect 10 for 50 Merc Potions and a 10 day extra storage! Simply go talk to Tieve, ask about stories, then select Event: Fresh Bread!

Not sure what your timezone is? Check here!

Pecca's true Identity!

Insanetheif, Jan 5, 11 9:03 PM.
Take a snap shot of Peccatum's face without his mask on and win prizes!
This event will be ongoing and will have more than one winners!
For more information, check the event section out!


Who has the Best Picture?

Insanetheif, Jan 5, 11 1:08 AM.
So I was thinking, since the servers are down why don't we start posting up interesting and fun pictures of what we had captured in the game~! Your pictures taken in Vindictus are saved in User > User > Document > Vindictus > Screen Capture ! So let me know if theres a problem with posting pics! Ill try to work on improving the website! 
Funniest pic

Hes saying CHEESE! (with a smile :)
Featured Image

Peccatum is watching the guild from the shadows! Remember hes watching you~

Whoo Pink Panties ftw~! 
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Guild Rules

There aren't many, but to maintain an awesome guild environment, please abide by these rules:

1.)  No profanity, whether it's to your guildmates or others.

2.)  No fighting with guild members OR others! Fighting with people hurts our reputation as a friendly guild.

3.)  Be mature. Immature actions include things such as spamming or randomly killing your party members with the trap in maps. (It will hurt our reputation!)

If everyone can follow these simple rules, we will become known as an awesome guild with loads of awesome members in it

Anyone can join! Requirements:Active and be Social How to join: Be In-Game, Click "Guild" at the bottom right corner, Click "Guild Home" then "Guild Search", Search "Loveholic", then send your application
There are no upcoming events.
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